Artist Statement - Painting

Ninetta is Trifold Talented: Painter, Photographer and Musician. Painting her lifetime, her work has been described as poetic and romantic. Ninetta paints where ever she goes and gets her inspiration as a plein aire painter. In three seasons her "slice of heaven" locations have been: Sunsets of Barnegat Bay-from Lavalette; Parks -Central Park & James Braddock Park; Venice, Italy (where she has solo sojourned several times to paint); Santa Fe, New Mexico and most recent Wrangler Brook, Toms River. During the winter months still-life becomes her subject - vase portraits & botanicals. The diverse works on this website can be seen live at any one her art shows listed on her resume or call 201-315-0204.

Her philosophy of plein aire painting is the following. "Painting outdoors, impressionistically, captures the life-essence of my subject, in order to transcend the atmosphere of that one optimal and ephemeral moment in time. Inspiration is at its height thus cultivating a connection with my subject achieved further through contemplation yielding a heightened sense of aesthetic awareness and in this fleeting romantic moment of time, the poetry of her subject is created, almost love at first sight!"

The purpose of her art is awareness to beauty. Aesthetics is a necessity of the world we live. She believes looking at beauty can erase sorrows, ease tension and give us a sense of peace. Ninetta has been a lifetime art educator teaching Art at Passaic and Hudson Community Colleges and will be teaching a plein aire w/c class in James Braddock Park, No. Bergen, NJ, Autumn, Spring & Summer seasons, through

She is a recipient of a grant from the Puffin foundation titled: Mystic Trees; Awareness of Global Warming from which this show is partially funded.

She received her MA in art at New Jersey City University and post MA study abroad program, New York University in Venice, Italy, the Academy of Art, NY & Instituto di Tintoretto, and Venice, Italy. She has received several awards namely Best in Show by Edgewater, Fort Lee and Pascack Council of the Arts, NJ. I thank you for visiting my website and if you have any questions please contact me at: or call 201-315-0204 or 201-869-1847.

Artist Statement - Photography

I work in a time when photography doesn't always depict a true story.

My photography, however, depicts only the truth. I therefore, do not adulterate i.e. manipulate the colors nor objects in the images here within. These photographs are true visual stories echoing the magical quality of the location I aim to transcend. I am a faithful comrade to traditional 35mm film. My equipment is all Nikon, and I handle it manually. My prints are custom printed also by hand on Fuji Crystal Clear or Fuji Flex archival paper.

My aim is to capture the essence of each city listed here: from the fairy-tale wonders of Venice to the dreamy Cypress hills of Tuscany, to the sunset beaches of Ipanema to the ancient streets of the Roman Forum, to the majestic endless space of the Grand Canyon to the simple beauty of flowers and nature ... only visual truth in poetic justice is demonstrated.

Hence, the poetic and romantic images I capture often represent modern man living in the backdrop of ancient architecture. My photographs depict the natural and rustic beauty of the old world grandeur. I want you to feel the reflected light and shadows of the lines, shapes and textures of classical architecture, which I bring to you.

Every year I go back to immerse myself in the beauty, romanticism and, at times, harshness that is Italy; both as a painter and photographer. My mission therefore, is twofold.

The compositional skills I use in photography help my painting, while my meditative painting skills enhance my photography. Painting helps me to capture that moment when light, time and place all merge into one, in order to yield the visual dream caught in a photograph.

In Venice, visions of straight line geometric architecture which seems to grow from the water, contrast the organic whimsical shapes of shadows from flowers in their window boxes and balconies. The sounds of water splashes against the dock side fondamenta walk-way while the sun dances patterns of light upon the water. I feel I am in part dream part fairy-tale, far, far, away ... until the reality of the sun burns my skin and the sweat collects on my body like rain.

I hope you can feel what I feel when looking at these photographs, and maybe their rustic fairytale and natural beauty will take you far, far away too, into a waking dream to where the sun always shines.

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